September 8, 2015


Boum Boum Boum - Mika
Alligator - Starsystem
Do It - Pitbull
(on Spotify and YouTube)

It's funny how the older I grow, the more I appreciate minimalistic and different things - when I was little, I couldn't walk through MoMA for more that ten minutes, but now I could probably spend a full two days in there at a time. It makes me a little bit sad to realize this, and it makes me a little bit sad to realize that I'm outgrowing all the things that used to make me happy (though finding new things). I noticed this after I walked my dog a few days ago, and I realized that unlike the rest of us, she never outgrew anything. 

On the positive side, growing older means you can drop and acquire habits, including - wait for it - becoming a morning person. I've always been a morning person, but I've noticed that there are less and less of those the more time people spend at night on their phones. I do that to, but it's actually almost easy to becoming a morning person. (And it's important - your efforts won't be for nothing!)

You have to convince yourself that you're a morning person. George Orwell made this point in his book 1984, but reality is really all in the mind, and if you can conquer what's in your mind, you can pretty much do anything. People can fly if they believe they are. Think about it! The other idea I have for you is music. Find two or three songs that you really love, that energize you (and could get you dancing in the rain), and that you haven't played much yet. Play those songs every morning, and only once each every morning. That way, not only will you feel ready for the day, but you'll also kind of get excited for mornings - your favorite songs will come on! Switch out the songs once they become overplayed.

Are you a morning person? What songs are best for mornings for you?


  1. i love your tip about the songs(: i always find that i'm super productive when i get an early start. and i think it's great that people evolve throughout their lives. life would be dull if we were the same person from start to finish.

  2. It's totally okay to change your interests! For a while I felt really guilty, but then I realised that it's ok! Also, I am so going to use your tips because I want so badly to be a morning person :)


  3. I'm totally the opposite! I find myself growing older and realizing I'm not growing up while everyone else is getting more mature. I guess there's pros and cons on both sides. (But I mean who outgrows cartoons, like c'mon??!!!)

    One thing I can agree with ya 'bout growing up is that you really do become a morning person. I like to either a.) listen to some upbeat Ok Go songs or b.) listen to some 80's jams and pretend I'm in a cheesy movie and jump around like a maniac.

    Love your pictures, they're so dreamy!

  4. I see so apparently the key to success is to psych myself into being a morning person. I've actually been getting better over the years. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  5. I'm starting to realize the same thing, but I guess it's all natural. I might have to try being a morning person with your tips :-)

    <3 Fiona


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