September 27, 2015


It's a clean cut rebellion when you wear sneakers with a dress or a skirt, and it looks mildly French (not the picture I took above, exactly, but I would say a black dress with Adidas is perfection). I only now took to wearing sneakers, because it used to be that sneakers were distinctly for the gym (from my point of view). Times change? Anyway, I'm still here! I got an email asking why I take so long to post things, but I'm proud of that, actually: I take so long to post anything because I only upload it when I'm really happy with it. x

What's your favorite trend right now? I'm in the mood to try something new.


  1. Really nice photos, I love your posts!
    I agree with what you're saying about sneakers, I used to hate them but now all I wear is jeans and sneakers xx

  2. your blog so interesting, i will follow u
    i hope u will like my blog