September 19, 2015


It's Saturday! Here is my mention of LFW, which I guess is going on right now? (The problems I currently don't have!...) Yesterday, it became official that people in the science field assembled some fossils they found and realized that these may represent a previously unknown species of human, the Homo. I also finished reading Solaris yesterday, which really talks about whether or not we can understand our world without first understanding what lies within. It's funny and scary that we think we know so much, and yet we know nothing. We didn't even find the bones of some of our ancestors until now.

Anyway, I took to wearing lipstick on my hands during Halloween when I was little (in the forms of shapes or "blood"), but I think that theoretically, you could also turn it into a fashion statement. Kind of like how I'm making it a point not to show my face on my blog because I don't just want to run yet another street-style / fashion blog! And, also, a side note: lipstick on your hands is the kind of fashion statement you wear at home, or on days where you're supposed to dress up strange.

You can listen to the songs above on Spotify, and I really recommend that you do.


  1. This is fantastic! love this art!


  2. This is so amazing! xo